Interpreting Ceramics

Interpreting Ceramics

Issue 8
Issue 8

This is an incredible resource: possibly the first really serious attempt by academics to document and interpret contemporary ceramics:

Interpreting Ceramics is an initiative of a group of academic staff in the UK who have joined together under the title of Interpreting Ceramics: Research Collaboration (ICRC). Our collaboration has come about through shared research interests in recording, interrogating, interpreting and communicating the practice and history of ceramics.”

Fragmented Figure was an exhibition, conference, and body of work conducted by the curatorial team at the Centre for Ceramics Studies, Cardiff School of Art and Design, University of Wales, Cardiff. Interpreting Ceramics is an on-going e-journal project which developed from the original research.

I am so excited to have found this because it fits so perfectly with my own interests and growing awareness/understanding of contemporary ceramics. The premise of Fragmented is that, until now, when the figure is discussed within the context of ceramics, the focus has tended to be upon materials and technical detail, with the subject or content of the work receiving significantly less attention. This was an attempt to set the ceramic figure within a wider contextual framework, culturally, artistically, psychologically, and anthropologically.


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