Research Project MA2

Research Journal for Telling Tales project

Well, I thought I knew what I was going to do, but after yesterday’s tutorial I feel completely thrown.

was going to look at curating an exhibition, (virtually), which pulled together established artists from around the world who use clay to express personal narratives.

However, it has been suggested that I look instead at emerging artists. I agree that it would be very beneficial to my practice in the long run, but I am very concerned that the timeframe is way too short (two months!) to do the subject or the artists justice: it feels to me more like a PhD thesis…

I still like the title: Telling Tales; personal narrative in contemporary figurative ceramics, so will probably keep that part.

I am also re-thinking the direction the work will actually take. A ‘virtual gallery’ was the obvious choice, but now I am looking into producing an exhibition catalogue. It could be done digitally and embedded in this blog – if I can find some nice, simple (and free!) software. Another steep learning curve, I think.

18/11/12 I have found some easy software called SimpleBooklet (I love anything with the word ‘simple’ in the title!), which I can use to create a virtual exhibition catalogue. I am quite excited and intrigued by the possibilities offered by doing this digitally – I could embed sound/video and create links to other sources, if I wish. Which, of course, you can’t do with a paper-based version. Even a Luddite like me can see the attraction for my future curatorial projects of being able to create online material in a virtual and virtually unlimited space.

I’m wondering if it will actually make curators lazy in the long run?? There must surely be a temptation to cram every scrap of research into a digital document, rather than exercise restraint and discrimination. Perhaps online curation will become a subject for post-graduate study in its own right one day…

Well, SimpleBooklet has lived up to its name and I have managed to put something together that looks like the makings of an exhibition catalogue – only six artists but that is all I have had time to look at.

After this week’s crit of our posters I feel somewhat encouraged: largely by the fact that a lot of people seemed excited by the whole idea of an exhibition of contemporary clay sculpture – and also because I got several positive comments about the image I used, which was of a piece of my own work! It has emboldened me to include myself in the line-up, (well, this is a fantasy exhibition, after all…).

It also gave me an all-important focus for my research, which I knew was lacking. With some confidence I can now distil my thinking down into the following questions:
Why do I think contemporary ceramics are important?
Why is now the right time to re-examine the genre from a curatorial standpoint?





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