Research Methodologies

Aha, a little clarity at last! Although the fog may well have descended again by next week…
However, for the present, I think am beginning to see a shape to this module.  In the group discussion, I described my personal experiences of curating exhibitions as being something between a circus ringmaster and an alchemist.

I am discovering that my personal inclination inclines toward curating group exhibitions where the curator is instrumental in bringing the artists/performers/creative practitioners together to create something that is greater than the sum of the individual parts. Or working with a particular artist or artists on a theme which fits with their existing practice but connects it to something that is socially relevant, perhaps in a new and unconsidered way. I find it very exciting to witness an artist take their work in a new direction because of conversations and ideas we have shared.

“The words of one artist to another may induce an idea chain, if they share the same concept”. Sol LeWitt

Bibliography links:
Gillick, Liam; Maybe it Would Be Better if we Worked in Groups of Three?


I have begun to think about the shape my project might take: A proposal for an exhibition is beginning to form in my mind, along the lines of ‘Art and Wellbeing’, with specific reference to ageing and the way in which artists transmute life experiences through their practice.

I have identified two possible artists to work with;
Ted Coney (portraitist)

Liz Hunter (Textile artist)

and am currently talking to fellow MA student (Textiles),
Jenny Unsworth

20/10/2012 Aaargh – fatal!! Today I went to see the Gordon Baldwin exhibition at the National Centre for Craft & Design. Now I have fallen in love with ceramics all over again!! I try to break free, really I do, but something just reels me back in every time. My heart belongs to clay.

(image courtesy of

I have to face it; craft – and ceramics in particular – will always be my first love. Clay makes my heart sing. I love it in all its infinite varieties, from humble pots, to domestic ware, to sculpture, to installations. Even the stuff I don’t really understand excites me and makes me want to know more.

So… should I start thinking about my ‘dream’ ceramics exhibition for a project?? I have so many ideas – how do I pin down just one?


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