Personal Manifesto 04-10-12

Week 1: 04/10/12

Personal Manifesto

There will be no barriers to appreciating art. No one will be excluded from accessing creative practice, either as maker or observer,  whether through fear, misunderstanding, alienation, or any other ‘mind-forged manacle’.In my hand is a key; it has the potential to be a tool or a weapon. It can facilitate access or it can bar the way. I vow to be a faithful servant and to be ever vigilant that the door may remain open.The curator is a conduit for artistic expression; a mediator between artist and viewer.  Therefore:

I will never use words to baffle and confuse but only to illuminate.

I will not use three words when one will suffice.

I will always keep my audience in the forefront of my mind.

I will not be led by personal taste alone.

I surrender my ego at the threshold.


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