Husk of Hares – Wisbech

22 June – 06 July

First day of the hang: all appears to be on schedule. We have constructed the reed beds and John managed to hang his paintings by lunchtime.
David Wright, the curator, has requested that John’s Hunt the Hare museum trail be left in situ after we take down the exhibition. We are delighted!

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3 Responses to Husk of Hares – Wisbech

  1. elmwych says:

    I loved the cabinet of curiosities, couldn’t find much info on the Hare wand though?

    • Hi Elmewych,
      The Hare Wand was cast in aluminium from a real pair of hare’s ears. One ear is broken off – who knows why? Perhaps the wand was broken deliberately when its owner died, or possibly to end its power once it was no longer needed for a particular Working… if you would like to find out more, please go to John Wiltshire’s page and contact him from there.

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