This is, of course, a thorny issue. Having just learned that we can have a maximum of six images from the Arts Council to use for our exhibition (and one is a ‘once only’ use), we need to choose very carefully which images will most readily encapsulate the exhibition.

It is a timely reminder that just because so much visual imagery appears to be ripe for  plucking off the internet, much of it is actually subject to copyright, and rightly so. However, it has the potential to cause us some headaches when it comes to the public activities part of our exhibition – especially the ‘play curator’ game. We will need to be ingenious and resourceful in order not to infringe anybody’s copyright, but there are a some altruistic souls out there who have kindly compiled digital libraries of copyright-free images of works of art. Here are a few:

Out-of-copyright art (Virginia Ricci)
National Gallery of Art
Incredible Art


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