Arts Council research for final MA project


Axis Interview

Visit to Arts Council sculpture collection at Longside – 10/04/2013

Public Value and the Arts in England (Arts Council)

Great Art for Everyone Arts Council strategic framework for the next 10 years

Whitechapel Gallery Objectives and overarching strategy

Arts Council Research links:

A review of the Arts Council Collection, British Council Collection and Government Art Collection 2011

Online Research for Critical Evaluation:
Arts Council – 60 Years of Sculpture exhibition
A Space to Talk… Gill Park, May 2008
The Collaborative Curator
Art Without Artists
Changing Curators
Manifesta 8 – Curatorial Collectives
Beyond the Head – The Practical Work of Curating Contemporary Art
Beyond the Code…
100 Best Museum Curators’ Blogs
Curators and Educators Collaborate (San Francisco MoMA)
Re-thinking Interactivity
Maybe it Would be Better… Liam Gillick
PublicCurating – Methods Resources Theories
Hans-Ulrich Obrist Interview with Harald Szeemann
Creative Campus white paper
V&A Visitor Research
Happy Museum Project 2013 – Daniel Fujiwara

 Paper Hang: 13/06/2013

Copyright Issues 19/07/2013


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